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The Internet is full of good information about sheep and very little information about blackbelly sheep. When you read some of the Web sites about blackbelly sheep, you will scratch your head because no one seems to agree even about what to call them, let alone how to care for them!

To save you time, I have listed below the absolute MUST Web sites that you, as a shepherd and as a blackbelly breeder, should read. When you read these sites (or at least familiarize yourself with their content), you will learn just about all of the factual, verified information we have on blackbelly sheep, and you'll be able to quickly find the best general sheep sites on the Internet.

About Blackbelly Sheep:

About Sheep in General:

For more time-saving links, have a look at my Links page. I only list a link there that I think will be useful to you. I do not engage in "link sharing." I have to believe a site has merit for blackbelly breeders before I'll link to it.


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