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There are two terrific Internet communities for blackbelly breeders.

The Blackbelly Listserv is an email group of more than 350 blackbelly breeders across North America (and several foreign countries, too!). Barbados Blackbelly, American Blackbelly, and barbado breeders are welcome. This friendly group is generous in its support for other breeders. Ask questions, share your sheep experience, buy, sell, talk sheep. The group's Web site has a breeder's map, scrapbook of interesting and helpful photos, and a full archive of the group's messages. The listserv was created in January, 2000 and is the only active, viable email group for blackbelly breeders on the Internet.
The Consortium of Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Breeders is a group of dedicated breeders committed to the preservation and protection of the polled Barbados Blackbelly sheep breed in the U.S. This small group strives to manage the remaining genetics of this rare breed collectively by setting up starter flocks, working together to distribute animals, and maintaining the quality attributes that makes this breed so popular and so important to sheep husbandry. If you want to help in this effort and are willing to agree to the terms of membership, please let us hear from you.
BBSAI Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association International (BBSAI) is the registry for both Barbados Blackbelly and American Blackbelly (the horned rams) sheep breeds.